Sunday, October 10, 2010

Initiatives in Teaching & Learning 1

After four weeks of research and independent learning with your team members, we are ready to meet again to study more about initiatives in primary mathematics education.

Today we discussed the idea that it is not what we teach and how we teach it that is important.

We did three four problems today for the class to have common experience to understand how initiatives by the Ministry of Education and the mathematics curriculum goals go hand-in-hand.

We did the arrange the cards problem as well as play the salute game to improve recall of multiplication facts. Also, use digits 0 to 9 to make a multiplication sentence. And explore the winning strategies for the takeone take two game.

I am quite glad one of the teacher shared the lattice multiplication that led to the concluding discussion on it is not what we teach that is important but how we teach it - one core idea of initiatives in teaching and learning.

Key question for reflection - after experiencing four problems taught in a way to engage learners, what are your thoughts on this - it is not what we teach that matters, it is how we teach it.

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