Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Initiative - Professional Development

Today I conducted a course for the Academy of Singapore Teachers. It is called Experiencing Lesson Study where participants observe stages in lesson study as they happen. I am glad we have moved away from professional learning where teachers just sit through lectures after lectures. Professional learning now involves more authentic situations.

The 2011 Work Plan Seminar is on Thursday. A year ago, professional development was given a boost when Minister announced that teachers must take a lead in their professional learning. In fact, your present experience is part of this - to increase learning opportunities for all teachers.

And I hope you are progressing well by learning using a collaborative structure with the aid of technology. The technology can provide us with the information necessary for our learning. But it is the human collaboration (aided by technology, no doubt, cell phones, skype, emails and so on) that help transform information into knowledge.

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