Thursday, September 9, 2010

e-Learning for Coming Two Weeks

I am writing from Rotterdam where I am teaching a three-day course. The photo shows a class in progress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. To the Dutch educators, the Singapore mathematics curriculum is an 'initiative' as it is different from what is currently in practice and is perceive to improve the educational experience of learners.

Prof Tay Eng Guan will come to class to speak to you about the subject option for next semester. This will happen the next time we meet in NIE.Please be punctual in order not to miss vital information. I hope your groups are progressing well in your research on initiatives.

Over the next two weeks, you and your classmates are meeting - online or otherwise to try to put cooperative learning strategies into practice to learn about various MOE initiatives in Singapore system and the philosophy behind the initiatives.

Please blog about your learning experience after each of these meetings. Try to be explicit abut what you learn and how you learn it - also tell us about the cooperative learning structure(s) that your group use in the learning process.

What did I learn?
How did I learn it?
What role does technology play?
What role does cooperative learning play?

I am just an e-mail away. Please let me know if you need help or clarification.

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