Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Question I Didn't Answer Completely

Upon reflection, there was one question raised during discussion that I did not answer completely. It was "what's next" as far as our mathematics curriculum is concerned. I did say that it will be dependent on our internal needs and external trends. I did imply that the problem-solving focus has been a good one given that we had not changed the framework since its introduction in 1992.

I was hoping someone would grill me further for a complete answer but no one did.

I would have added that "what next" would be to look into ways into engaging more learners, especially those who struggle and or not interested. Learner engagement is a difficult thing but one that has take priority.

So, based on a study of curriculum refinements since 1992, I would say that the framework is a robust one (the rationale for why we teach mathematics is so well-captured ... "vehicle for development and improvement of a person's intellectual competence") but we need to (1) look how to get the ideals of the curriculum translated into most, if not all, classrooms, and (2) think harder if we have gotten the scope and sequence for topics such as statistics, probability and geometry correct.

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